Movin’ Along

Peace Corps is a series of phases where everything seems to happen in waves. Although the initial integration phase only technically lasted for the first three months at site, the true length was about six months for me. It took six months of constant effort to get familiar with local norms, understand daily life of … More Movin’ Along

Site Shenanigans

When lightning strikes there’s a series of events that follow. Unplug electronics, light candles when the power goes out, wait for the storm to pass, and then do a damage assessment. In typical Heather fashion, I tend to forget and skip the first step all too often. This has resulted in one broken computer and … More Site Shenanigans

Clash of Cultures

Contrary to my last post, the month of October was pretty challenging for me. I consider myself one of the luckiest volunteers with my placement and I really do love my site to pieces, but my area has a few unique challenges that have been piling up. I finally broke a few weeks ago and … More Clash of Cultures